Someone in London turned their Airbnb into a legit nightclub

Finding out the property you’ve been renting on Airbnb has been used to host a “pop-up nightclub” has got to be top of list of every landlord’s worst nightmares.

So spare a thought for the owner of a now-trashed flat in London, who got a call from the police this week to say that his one-bedder had been used to host a club-style event complete with ticketed entry, a bouncer, a DJ, and a professional sound system.

A crowd of over 200 people descended on a flat in the English capital for an out-of-control party that raged until 6am, as FACT Mag picked up.

According to the flat’s downstairs neighbour, the party gave London’s finest nightspot a run for its money. “It sounded like Fabric was upstairs,” she said. “It was just the constant bass thud. We saw one guy carrying in DJ equipment.”

In a story not dissimilar to that of infamous Australian party boy Corey Worthington, neighbours told The Islington Gazette that while police arrived at 3am, they weren’t able to clear the party and stop the music until 6am. “They must have been standing on top of each other in there – it’s a one-bedroom flat. It was like Alice in Wonderland watching them come out,” another neighbour said.

“There was a microphone and professional speakers. I’ve got a pretty good sound system in my house and it was better than that. It was horrible music – the worst night’s sleep ever.”

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