Here’s what happens when you steal a drinks menu from Berghain

If there’s one thing every serious clubber should know, it’s that you don’t fuck around with Berghain.

Just ask eBay user 7oxymoron. Earlier this year the entrepreneurial partier made it out of the Berlin temple with a drinks menu from the upstairs Panorama Bar, listed it for sale on eBay as a “souvenir” and revealed to the whole world just how much Europe’s most enigmatic nightspot charges for a beer (€3.50 or about AUD$5, by the way).

Berghain, it seems, weren’t happy. As picked up by Electronic Beats, the same guy has now listed for sale a letter he received from police after putting the drinks menu up on eBay. “I (allegedly) stole a drinks menu from Berghain to sell it on eBay and someone went to the police to sue. lol. So the cops wrote me a letter,” he details. “I am now offering you this rare collector’s item in great condition.”

The original eBay listing was pulled down before it ended – probably at the behest of Berghain – but if you want the letter from police, the bids are currently up to €12.

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Katie Cunningham the Editor of inthemix. She is on Twitter.

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