So, yes: Armin really is going into space

For those of you who thought it was some kind of late April Fool’s joke, it looks like trance king Armin van Buuren really is turning astronaut. This weekend at the Summer Fair in Dutch town Noordwijk, the DJ will reveal the Lynx spacecraft he’ll be boarding in 2014. Meanwhile, Tiesto is gearing up for his tour of US colleges, pretending not to be jealous.

“The SP-1 is an incredible, impressive thing,” Armin enthused in a statement this week. “Just thinking about floating around in one of those, hovering about 100 km above the Earth, gives me goosebumps. Even if I have to wait another three years. I think it is great that SXC and the Summer Fair chose to introduce the spacecraft to the world for the first time, in the Netherlands. I am feeling extremely proud I am the one to reveal it to the world.”

Before all that happens, though, the 2011 winner of ‘Favourite International Act’ at the inthemix awards will be packing the whites and boarding a more mundane flight to Australia for Stereosonic 2011. Catch him before he considers a career change.