So, have you seen the best video of the year yet?

Every now and then, a video comes along that alters dance music history forever. Aphex Twin did it with Windowlicker. The Prodigy changed the game with Smack My Bitch Up. Gesaffelstein realised a vision with Pursuit. And now, The Meeting Tree have joined the ranks of electronic music’s video masterminds.

On Friday, the joint project of Joyride and Raph from Sydney hip-hop group One Day unveiled the stupendously ridiculous video for their club banger r u a cop?. With a little help from guest star Adam Hyde of Peking Duk, The Meeting Tree pour goon over their half-naked bodies, work the rowing machine, polish white sneakers and bust out flip phones, with some choreographed dancing rounding the experience out. It’s brilliant, but don’t take our word for it: 40,000 views on Facebook can’t be wrong.

Or if you’ve already rinsed The Meeting Tree’s ode to calling out undercover police officers (legend has it if you ask three times if they’re a cop, legally they have to tell you) you’ll be pleased to hear that Joyride and Raph have a whole EP out now and available on iTunes. But before you get stuck into their new stuff, watch the Entropico-directed video below.

The Meeting Tree – r u a cop feat. Adamio HydeEP out now – cop it here: celebration of openness, positivity and healthy skepticism. Shouts to Entropico for the visuals.

Posted by Verge Records on Thursday, April 30, 2015

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