Skrillex’s huge ‘HUMBLE.’ remix has finally arrived

Four months after first dropping it into his set at Arizona festival FORM Acrosanti and sending the internet into meltdown, Skrillex’s official remix of Kendrick Lamar’s ‘HUMBLE.’ has finally been released.

The remix has been a long time coming — but it hasn’t arrived without a bit a controversy. Following its release on Friday, some fans noted the remix’s resemblance to a track called ‘Territory’, by Texan bass producer Medasin. ‘Territory’ was released back in February, a few months before Skrillex debuted his edit at FORM.

While Medisin definitely noticed the resemblance, Skrillex was adamant he hadn’t heard ‘Territory’ until people began notifying him about the similarities, and told the Texan in a since-deleted Tweet: “Believe what you want.”

Medasin has since responded in a series of (also now deleted) Tweets:

With both producers standing firm, we probably won’t get the bottom of this one for a while. Make up your own mind: listen to Skrill’s remix of ‘HUMBLE.’ below, and Medasin’s ‘Territory’ below that.