Skrillex @ The Enmore Theatre, Sydney (07/03/2012)

It was Skrillex’s third visit Down Under, but his first show at the Enmore Theatre with label buddies Porter Robinson and Nick Thayer. While the show may have been a sideshow to the Future Music Festival tour, for the sold-out crowd it was clearly a main event.

Somewhere in the middle of the intermission between opener Nick Thayer and nineteen year old Porter Robinson, the “PORTER, PORTER” chants began. Soon enough, the chants were cut with the lights and replaced with a scream as Robinson took his place front and centre. Porter’s reputation as a DJ that can mix an alphabet of sounds and genres into a performance is well deserved. Right after throwing down the drop in Unison, he switched it up to Maximal Crazy by Tiesto, teased it with D.A.N.C.E by Justice and dropped it into the pounding bass from 100% In The Bitch.

The crowd matched the intensity of Robinson’s music and he matched the crowd right back, cutting loose dancing on the spot-lit stage and smashing his chest with his fist. When he brought back the Knife Party remix of Unison toward the end his raised his middle finger, basically letting us know ‘this next one, you’re fucked’. He finished on the mic, thanking the crowd and introducing his new track, Anguish. The lights came up and Robertson walked off, replaced by the Indiana Jones theme music.

After a couple minutes Indiana, people were getting restless. Then once again, the lights dropped and in a heartbeat, the giant screen behind the decks lit up for the first time, revealing a silhouette with distinctive waist-length hair…well, waist-length on one side of his head. “Do y’all feel good?” Skrillex, AKA Sonny Moore, asked before performing a spin back on the Indiana Jones music and dropping in Equinox (First of the Year).

People in the crowd were going harder than at any party in Sydney I have seen, but apparently Skrillex shows are supposed to go harder than that. Sonny appealed to the crowd, yelling “You’re all fucking dead, why are you moving like that?” He followed this up with a mixture of down and up tempo beats, switching from dub-reggae to drum and bass and throwing in some of his filthy signature bass along the way.

Almost all songs from his Bangarang and Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites releases got a spin and if it’s possible to pick out a moment of madness, it was when he dropped Devil’s Den and his remix of Levels by Avicii. Both tunes sent people from head banging to fist pumping and swamping the barrier dividing the front and back. But it wasn’t all his own tracks: The Shapeshifters got a spin, and the mix from a couple of genres kept his set interesting and everybody dancing, guessing and screaming for more. You could tell Skrillex was enjoying himself too. He was on the mic all night telling the crowd to “listen to this drop”, or “check this”, before unleashing a sound or a song that sent shirts flying into the air and another surge of people over the silly barrier keeping people from the front.

As 11pm drew near and the set was coming to a close, Sonny Moore the showman came out. He added heat to the fire by telling everybody to get out their lighters or phones, he grabbed a camera to filmed everybody up close, went back to change song and proceeded to launch himself into the crowd. Sonny Moore doesn’t look like a heavy guy, but still the crowd couldn’t hold him up for long when he flew off the stage – perhaps, they were just shocked that their hero had stage-dived head first into their outstretched arms. In the process he lost his glasses. I don’t think they came back.