Skream’s sick of light shows, are you?

If you’ve been following Skream’s movements of late, you would’ve noticed his new direction. While dubstep is (as you’d expect) always going to be a part of what he does, these days Oliver Jones is shifting his focus towards house and disco territory. “I wish the transition happened sooner, but I had to ease it in rather than make an abrupt change that would freak people out,” he said in an interview about EP series-turned-tour Skreamizm last month. “That was the point of the Skreamizm tour, to go from A to B in three hours and show how naturally it could play out.”

It seems change in musical focus has gone hand-in-hand with a back-to-basics approach to shows. In an interview with legendary London club XOYO about the Skreamizm show, the Big Apple Records pioneer talked through the stripped-back approach he’s taking to DJ sets now. “I’m sick to death of light shows,” he began. ”[Skreamizm] just started from doing pitch black nights and raving again, not standing there filming. Every one feels like an old school rave…this is the whole point: I really like partying in small places, just having that feeling of people going out to have a good time again. It’s everything I love in a party.” So it’s a world away from the Deadmau5 et-al approach of bright lights and big budgets, then.

And, if you needed to hear it again, Skream reiterated why he’s moving towards a higher tempo. “I’ve been doing dubstep since I was 14, and I’m 27 now. Where it is now, it’s just so far away from what we used to do,” he explained. ”[That’s] another reason how Skreamizm started: not having to do anyone else’s thing…If you wanna play disco records, play disco records.” If the video below is anything to go by, he can go ahead and sign us up.