Skream on “keyboard warriors” & liking Skrillex

2011 has certainly been a contentious year for dubstep, and one guy who’s in a authoritative position to reflect on it all is Skream. Along with his buddies at the Big Apple Records store, the Londoner is one of the undisputed originators of the sound, and at only 25 years old he’s packed in a career’s worth of highs.

In a comprehensive interview with UK website The Quietus this week, Skream gives a characteristically frank appraisal of how dubstep’s looking right now and the inevitable following of naysayers it has inspired. The interview is well worth a read, and you can find it in full over at The Quietus. A recurring theme in the chat is the proliferation of “keyboard warriors” who love to hate.

“It’s easy to fall into that forum shit,” he says. “I’ve been bad for it sometimes, it’s ‘cos you know it’s there, you know there is stuff being said, you can’t help but look. To be honest, it means fuck all at the end of the day – these cunts are sitting there, behind their laptop – keyboard warriors! I’m actually out traveling and all that shit. There’s always gonna be somebody.”

The interview also turns to the rise of dubstep’s “American side”, and the fierce debate that has sparked. “We get a lot of love from people like Skrillex,” Skream goes on. “He’s doing amazing at the minute, he’s a phenomenon, really, when you look at it – he’s only been about for a year and he’s like the fourth most popular dance act in the world.”

As for the internet brigade who claim Skrillex and his ilk have destroyed the sound, Skream gives them short shrift.

“Honestly, it’s pathetic, I think, it’s ridiculous,” he tells The Quietus. “Either listen to it or don’t listen to it. There’s still nights playing the stuff those people want to hear. It’s just bitchiness, it really is. You haven’t got to like his music, you don’t particularly have to like him, but there’s no reason you can’t like what he’s done – he’s smashed it. He’s up for five Grammys. He must be doing something right, you know what I mean?

“I think it hurts a lot of people over here because it’s a UK sound, but it’s been someone with influences outside the original sound that has made it a lot bigger. The bad side of that is that a lot of people will just say ‘dubstep equals Skrillex’.

“But in all honesty it genuinely doesn’t bother me. I like the music he makes. People will fucking burn me for saying that. There’ll be effigies out in the fucking street! It just is what it is man, you’ve just got to keep yourself moving.”

Following Magnetic Man’s headlining spot at Parklife in Spring, Skream is of course back here soon for a DJ tour alongside his closest ally Benga. “My sets now consist of everything, everything influenced with everything,” he says. Benga had the same message when we got him on the phone recently: “We just go all over the place; we play moombahton, bass, dubstep.”

Read the full Skream interview – you really should – over at The Quietus.