Skazi: Psytrance with extra grunt

Like their famous countrymen Infected Mushroom, Israel’s Skazi are known for bringing the sounds of psytrance together with heavy metal guitars. Releasing their first album Animal in 2000, the dup bought their experience with the local punk and hardcore scene into play with their innovative, hard rockin’ take on the traditional psytrance sound. Following it up with their second album Storm as well as several compilations Zoo1, Zoo2, Zoo3,they’ve released over 100 tracks in their time.

Total Anarchy was their most recent album, described by the band as a “180 degree” shift in musical focus. And if you’ve been eagerly awaiting their return for another does of hi-octane rockin’ psytrance, you’re in luck: they’ll be here this weekend for a series of shows. ITM catches up with Skazi.

People across the world have listened to your music for some years no and have fallen in love with it also. Were there any hesitations when you first started out?

No, I never had hesitations. The choice was obvious for me because I come from the punk/rock scene. This, together with the progression of electronic music has allowed us to combine them both in my own unique style.

*Your music is often considered in a different light to other trance music with twists of gutar and mixed elements of techno and hard house, it sets you apart from other trance artists and makes you unique. What is your main ambition behind this style?

My main ambition has always been simply to stay unique and to do more session styles under one title.

Animal in 2000 was a superb success and put you on the global scene, how do your audience responded to this new exploration of trance?

Animal got a really great response! I think that the audience kept on growing, they evolved with the changes that we have made in the music.

How do you think joining with Asher has boosted your confidence both emotionally and image worldwide?

I Knew Skazi before it became big and was boosted around the world, Asher made the music and I joined the live act. Yes, I do think it really helped both of our careers because two is better than one!

Travelling the world performing at various locations must be a huge learning curb and pleasure. Is there a certain place you like to perform at most?

Ah it is very tough to choose… Each place in the world has its special features. There are so many places that I love so I can’t point my finger in just one specific place. We really love to perform everywhere!

Do you think the way you perform on the stage on of the many reasons your fans continue to come to your parties, raves and festivals?

The main reason people come to our parties and continue to come is for our music. The performance is very different from any other musicians because we have a way of combining many special styles. It’s a combination of cyberpunks, rock n’ roll and psytrance – this is Skazi style! We connect the music together because both of us were doing rock, and are we’re now doing electronic, and this means the performance has to be very intense…

What was it like for you at the time when Zoo1, Zoo2 and _Zoo3_entered the market?

Always very exciting! All the Zoo series are like a timeline of Skazi music. It shows the progress in our music for both us and also for the rest of the world!

What originally brought you to name yourself DJ Skazi?

I didn’t name myself Skazi, it was some kind of a nickname that caught up with me while I was in the beginning of my career – I only added DJ to it!

Total Anarchy of 2006 is another one of your successful albums, do you think the psytrance melodies vary much from your original Animal album?

Totally. 180 degrees! I think this is especially because of the advances in technology. The quality of is much higher!

What inspired you to burst into the trance music scene?

It was everything! I think a combination of the power of kick and bass! I decided that it was missing one important thing at the time: the element of rock. With the combination of the electric guitar and some other rock n’ roll elements, we were able to make the change.

Is Australia one of your choice venues to perform at?

11. Australia is a very special country! The thing is that flying here is very hard. This is why when we get a chance to be here we take the most out of it and have a good time because we don’t get to come here often!

Is there a certain element about psytrance that you like best?

Two things really. The power of the music most importantly the vibe of the people.

Catch Skazi rockin’ out at the following shows…

Friday 11th April – The Palace Theatre, Melbourne

Saturday 12th April – The Arena, Brisbane

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