Simon Patterson: Going long

After going straight for the jugular back at Creamfields in April, Simon Patterson returns this month in club mode. The UK DJ is spreading the word on his new label Night Vision, a “small stable of producers” who he’s tipping for big things. Having broken his own dry spell in the studio, the always-engaging Patterson enthuses to inthemix about his firing 2011 and how he’s hoping to bang it out in Australia.

This tour is very different from your last, which was on the Creamfields festival. Can you tell us about the Night Vision tour concept?

This is different due to the fact it’s all clubs (as opposed to arenas) which I love the intimacy of. It’s also the first tour I am doing under my new label Night Vision. I wanted to have a brand that identified me as an artist and the styles I enjoy and play out. I also wanted to support up-and-coming artists and give them the chance to release tracks on a quality label and be a part of the tours we plan to do.

First up on tour is Jordan Suckley, one of the best DJs out there. I also wanted to play longer sets to show some diversity and he fitted the bill perfectly to start the nights off with his chunky techy stuff. He has got some great tracks coming up on Night Vision too, so I thought it would be great for him to break his Australian debut as part of the Night Vision tour.

What’s the philosophy behind the Night Vision label?

Finding and supporting new artists and pushing quality electronic music. I want a small stable of producers that are the future of trance, techno, psy and so on.

Is the intimate feel of a club more fulfilling for you as a DJ, when you don’t have the festival pressure of big rooms and short time-slots?

I like both. I love going into a packed arena and having an hour to really smash it. But I also love clubs and the fact you can test new stuff and really get a feel for what works and doesn’t. It is almost like clubs are the preparation for the big shows. You get to really see the big tunes for your sets. And the energy in clubs is great too.

When we spoke to you in April you said, “Production for the last year or so has been tough for me to generate any inspiration.” Do you feel you’ve broken out of that difficult patch?

Yeah, I am definitely out of it now. I have done a few new bits – two vocal tracks which have done really well, but are a bit slower and totally different to my usual sound. I was pleased with the response.

I have also just finished a new 140-BPM track and am working on another collaboration with Greg Downey. I have sped up my workload and whilst on the road am solely working on Ableton. This makes my life so much easier, having stuff half complete and ideas down, then coming home and finishing.

Before, I was just coming back tired with one day to recover, spend time with my son and then have to go away again. My time management was non-existent but I have got the flow back now and I am feeling better for it. There’s nothing worse when you are lost musically and have no ideas.

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