Shazam partners with another global dance music store

In February last year music discovery app Shazam announced its partnership with online dance store Beatport, adding an extra 1.5 million electronic songs to its database and making the app infinitely more useful for curious dance fans.

Now, Shazam has taken advantage of Miami’s Winter Music Conference to announce that it’s about to become even more useful to dance fans: the app has partnered with stalwart dance music retailer Juno, adding more than four million tracks to its database, including vinyl-only releases.

“Crucially, some of the most important and exciting new music is released on vinyl first before later hitting digital,” said Will Mills, Shazam’s VP of Music and Content, in a press release. “So this gives Shazam’s 420 million global users an even better experience with the world’s newest and most innovative music, which is sometimes beyond the digital ecosystem.”

Juno Records launched in 1997, selling dance music vinyl and CDs, and later digital downloads and DJ and studio equipment; they add thousands of new digital tracks and hundreds of vinyl releases to their catalogue each month (which is great news for all the track-ID-chasing trainspotters out there…but not so much for the DJs trying to craft “un-Shazam-able” sets). Check out the infographic below of Juno and Shazam’s partnership, and vinyl’s massive resurgence in dance music.

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