Seven days straight: Smokin Joe tackles the world record again

For any regular man, being led to believe you’d broken the world record for the longest DJ set in history only to have to relinquish the title just a couple of months later might be too crushing a blow to come back from. But for Smokin Joe Mekhael, learning that his 132 straight hours behind the decks hadn’t earned him the Guinness title after all was just another opportunity to do it all again. ITM forum icon, “the most electrifying man in dance music” and all ‘round good guy, Smokin Joe promised he’d tackle the title again earlier this year. Now, he’s locked in the details for his second shot at world record glory.

From December 16 – December 23 back at The Empire Hotel, Smokin Joe will have his second crack at the title of Marathon DJ Champion of the World. “When the controversy went down last year and I found out that my 132.5 hour effort wasn’t recognised by Guinness as the world record, I was disappointed for a few minutes. But then I realised how awesome the experience was, how it brought people together, how it pushed me right to the edge of my physical and mental breaking points, and how it achieved my goal of spreading a message of peace, love and freedom all over the world,” Joe told inthemix. “I understood that instead of looking at the situation as a disappointment, I could flip it into an opportunity and that’s exactly what I did.”

So what is he doing differently this time around? “I learned a lot of lessons from last year. This year, I’m going to apply those lessons and improve my diet, eat organic food, manage my rest breaks better, use earplugs to save my hearing, and have a dedicated team of witnesses.” And most importantly: “I’m paying over $7,000 out of my own pocket to have an official adjudicator from Guinness present at the event who will hand me the official Guinness certificate the second that I break the record”

The current record stands at 150 hours – Joe tells us that DJ Hertz’s 152 hour stint hasn’t yet been recognised by Guinness – but Smokin Joe isn’t content with a measly 153 hours. “I’m going to play for 168 hours and become the first human being to DJ for seven days straight,” he told us. “God rested on the seventh day, but Smokin Joe Mekhael won’t rest until the eighth day, he won’t rest until he holds the Guinness World Record for the longest DJ set in history, and he won’t rest until he has earned the title of MARATHON DJ CHAMPION OF THE WORLD!”

Just like last time, the attempt will be streamed live on the net – there’ll be more details about the video feed soon. No matter how Smokin Joe Mekahel fares this time around, ITM will be behind him the whole way.