Seth Troxler: “If Avicii was here, I would definitely light dog shit in front of his door”

Right now in California, Coachella is deep into day three of its first weekend and already, there’s been plenty to report from the Indio Valley. No, the Tupac hologram hasn’t made a reappearance; but R Kelly did take the stage with Phoenix for a rendition of noughties gem Ignition, while Daft Punk watched from the wings as their 90-second teaser ad confirmed the meaty list of collaborators they’ve brought on for Random Access Memories. Elsewhere on ground, interviews were in full swing – and after getting the first chat with the French robots yesterday, Rolling Stone also sat down for a one-on-one with techno’s goldenboy Seth Troxler.

The main talking point? How dance music’s changed in the six years since the Detroit troublemaker left the U.S. for his adopted home of Berlin. “Dance music has changed, and just the idea of dance music was really quite underground and not kind of accepted at all from, like, the early-mid-eighties ‘til now,” Troxler began, before calling out kazoo-convert Avicii. “I would really prefer if things don’t go this way, of the Avicii’s and these guys pressing play and thinking that’s music. Because it’s the same thing that, say, happened to rock or hip-hop. At some point, things were really good, money got involved, and then you have this pay-to-play system. Dance music’s really kind of outside of that now.”

From there, the chat veered into how the Detroit gun (who, we should note, is no stranger to taking the piss) planned to pass his time at the festival. “Maybe some schoolyard pranks could be pretty funny,” the ever-mischievous Troxler added. “If Avicii was here, I would definitely light dog shit in front of his door.” You can watch the full interview below.