Sasha booked for Big Day Out in 2010!

Here at ITM we had to do a double take when this info surfaced today, but it’s looking like it will in fact eventuate. We’ve all looking forward to the return of progressive auteur Sasha to Australia in November for an intimate club tour, but if you’re keen for a second dose then you won’t have to wait too long. He’ll be back for the Big Day Out tour in 2010!

An update on Sasha’s blog this morning was the source of the revelation. “Sasha has been confirmed to headline the dance tent at Australia’s Big Day Out 2010 in January along with Muse, Kasabian, Girl Talk, and more!” He’s also added the entire Big Day Out tour to his gig listings, meaning it’s looking pretty rock solid he’ll be the superstar DJ taking control in the massive Boiler Room in the fashion that Carl Cox has pulled off so successfully in the past.

Sasha’s presence on the Big Day Out lineup will give the festival that much more bang for the buck for dance fans, but if you haven’t grabbed your ticket yet you’ll have to contend with the devastating news that for the very first time, it’s already sold out every last show across the country. Never fear though, as the last 5,000 tickets in each city have been made available for purchase through an online ticket ballot, check out the Big Day Out website for more details.

Stay tuned for news on the official second-round lineup announcement, due in early November and check out ITM’s Festival Page for more info on the tour.