A few sane reasons why that Daft Punk festival announce is fake

As the hardened Daft Punk fan will be well aware, there’s good reason to think that Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo might be planning to hit the road. The iconic duo’s last two tours took place in 1997 and 2007, meaning a 2017 return to the stage could very well be in the works.

But as much as we want Alive 2017 to happen, that doesn’t mean you should believe everything you see on the internet. Case in point? Over the weekend, a Facebook event promising Daft Punk’s live return started circulating, and it appears to have sucked a lot of people in.

If the Facebook event for “Ed Banger Festival 2016 was to be believed, this December the robots would be joining forces with the likes of Justice, Mr Oizo, Breakbot, and Cassius for a three day festival in Paris. But there’s a few reasons why you should gently inform that hyperventilating friend that it’s probably nothing more than some convincing photoshop work.

First off, the event is hosted not by Ed Banger themselves but a page called Perfect Show, which currently boasts all of 18 likes and absolutely no Facebook activity prior to this event being created. Secondly, the real Ed Banger page hasn’t posted a thing about their supposed festival, nor have any of the acts meant to be playing at the event – and you’d think they might be just a little excited about sharing a bill with Daft Punk.

Even the venue the festival is meant to be happening at – AccorHotels Arena in Paris – has denied that it’s taking place.

But don’t feel bad if you got taken in by the fake. The internet has a long history of being conned by Daft Punk tour rumours and with the event page currently boating some 7,200 people ‘interested’ in attending, you wouldn’t be the only one to get their hopes up.