Sander Van Doorn: The major league

While Sander Van Doorn admits to once struggling with the idea of being a superstar DJ, these days he fits the role with ease. Next month, the Dutchman is set to bring his Dusk Till Doorn club concept to the trance arena at Future Music Festival – and we’re in for a three-hour set. Down the line from The Netherlands, he enthuses to inthemix about the “crazy year” ahead.

In recent years you’ve developed a huge global following for your sound. What was the reason you chose tech-trance as a genre?

I didn’t actually choose a particular genre, to be honest. Over the last couple of years I’ve developed a sound that’s related to certain genres. There’s a lot of genre-crossing, which is something that just happens when you are in the process of producing your tracks. I find myself in the position now where I’m kind of in the middle. I’m doing techy-trance and also leaning towards progressive in a lot of my new tracks as well. It’s a cool position to be in!

Why do you think your take on this music has been so successful?

I think the reason it’s so successful is because I’m using different elements of certain genres. It kind of refreshes the sound. There are songs that you can play in a more housey set but will still sound different to your standard house track. The same goes for trance sets as well. I think it creates something different for DJs to play, and that kind of works out in my favour I guess.

Your 2008 debut album Supernaturalistic was a hit. In the last two years you’ve release an onslaught of tech productions including Bastillon, Daddy Rock and Ninety. Can your fans expect an album in?

Yes, I’m in the process of working towards an artist album. We’re not really sure when to plan it for. It kind of depends on the tracks and it needs to be the best project that I can make. We’re in the process of that now. I’m producing a lot of tracks and it’s looking like it will be possible for this year!

Your production style has changed since Supernaturalistic. Has the equipment in your studio changed too?

Not really. I’ve still got the basic set up with a lot of new synths added on. So I guess there has been a bit of a change, but in terms of the basics, it’s pretty much the same. I’m using sounds in a different way, so have made a few software changes and updates which create new possibilities.

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