Rusko calls Deadmau5 a ‘skinny little c*nt’

Ah, the joys of Twitter. Not only do we get instant access to artists and their inner thoughts but occasionally those same artists seemingly forget that it’s a very public outlet – or they just don’t care – making for some spectacular moments of internet hilarity. The latest little nugget to emerge on the Twittersphere comes from UK dubstep merchant Rusko, who’s started feuding with Canadian superstar Deadmau5. Heat up the popcorn!

The beef erupted over the weekend with Rusko throwing the first digital stone on his Twitter account by glibly tweeting “so a dj with a HUGE ego last night threw a huge bitchy hissy fit at me last night for smokin weed in the backstage…I told him to fuckoff and he ran for some security like a little pussy bitch!!!!!”. Whilst Rusko’s followers speculated as to identity of the ego-maniacal DJ, the UK wobbler did the dirty, naming and shaming Deadmau5 as the apparent “pussy bitch” at the show.

But that wasn’t all, with Rusko continuing his online rant directed at the mau5-headed one, firing off some amusingly threatening tweets at the Canadian producer saying “next time I see u ima snap u like a twig u skinny little CUNT…and I will fuckin see u…”, which is particularly funny considering that Deadmau5 himself called all DJs ‘cunts’ back in the day.

For his part, Joel Zimmerman (the man under the mask of course) didn’t take Rusko’s words lying down, responding on his Facebook discussion page with a lengthy about Rusko’s flame war.

“i mean, props to him for ridding my tail to get himself some free publicity and all that… but are the threats really nesciscary? im not one to speak against people who “say stupid shit on twitter” … because i do it ALL THE TIME… i, however, have never, and will never threaten violence to anyone in that context. it’s fucking childish. so if the little child wants his attention… well look… he’s certainly got it. cool fuckin story bro… but why u mad? anyways, i hope he grows up and hopefully figures out that “making good music” sells your profile, and not making up some dumbfuck dressing room story and including my name in it for fuckin entertainment’s sake. and thats all im going to say about that.”

As entertaining and poorly spelled as that all was, we have to wonder which side is telling porkies here? Did Deadmau5 really bust Rusko for blazing up? Did Rusko just make it all up? Will Harold ever come back to Neighbours? So many questions, so little time.