Rukes is debunking all Ultra’s “fake DJ” dramas with photos

They say a picture speaks a thousand words and when it comes to debunking those persistent “fake DJ” dramas, there’s certainly nothing more definitive than a photo. That’s why star photographer Rukes – who was on hand to shoot Miami’s Ultra Music Festival over the weekend – has been busy using his camera roll to prove that UMF’s mainstage stars were actually mixing live.

For the past few hours on on Twitter, Drew ‘Rukes’ Ressler has been sharing photos that put to rest the accusations levelled at Krewella and other superstar DJs since the festival wrapped up.

He started by sharing RAW photos of Hardwell’s extensive set-up and the Yousaf sisters’ very-much-operational CDJs, complete with power cords (“I felt like showing a screenshot of a screen would help prove it wasn’t edited,” he explained). And if you saw the photo of David Guetta’s darkened CDJs doing the rounds yesterday, let Rukes’ shot of the Frenchman’s whirring decks reassure you.

If you want further proof that Krewella’s USB set-up is definitely a thing, watch the video one YouTuber uploaded yesterday to demonstrate exactly how it works. User Christian Jackson explained that while it looked like no audio cables were plugged in, that’s because digital signal was being passed through the mixer instead. “This is probably the most streamlined way to get from your computer to the CDJs and out into the speakers without the whole hassle of a whole lot of cables,” he adds.

CDJ dramas aside, the 2015 edition of UMF went off without a hitch, with the likes of Die Antwoord, Cashmere Cat, Porter Robinson and Dixon all delivering on-point sets away from the mainstage. And as for the rest of Rukes’ Ultra photos? According to the man himself, they’ll be up “soon”.

I love all these idiots that say "OMG THEIR EQUIPMENT IS OFF" who forget that I have photo evidence showing they are on. #rukesftw

— Rukes (@rukes) March 30, 2015

Here's a RAW, straight from the camera photo of @Krewella's setup at Ultra. Looks fine to me.

— Rukes (@rukes) March 30, 2015

Since I got some requests, here's a @davidguetta proof pic, a bit dark but look at the on-jog displays.

— Rukes (@rukes) March 31, 2015

@HARDWELL for your haters/stupid people out there, here is a RAW photo, straight from the camera:

— Rukes (@rukes) March 30, 2015