Robyn readies sorta new album

You might know Robyn for a couple of different reasons. For one, she’s the voice behind seminal Scando-pop hits like Konichiwa Bitches and With Every Heartbeat, she’s a shot of fiery estrogen on the 2010 Stereosonic lineup and she’s also the undertaker of the ambitious challenge to release three albums in one year. That conquest has kept the Swedish singer pretty busy in 2010, knocking out Parts 1 & 2 in the Body Talk series, and now Robyn is onto her third and final LP for the year.

As reported by FACT, Robyn will drop Body Talk Pt. 3 this November (locally it’s through Modular on November 26th) in time for her Stereosonic duties.

But for those fans that’ve already picked up the first two instalments, Body Talk Pt. 3 might be a bit of a head-scratcher, as it features five songs from Pt. 1, five songs from Pt. 2 and then another five songs which are original to Pt. 3. Yeah, it’s a little confusing.

Explaining the decision to release the third disc in the trilogy in this ‘Turbo’ fashion, Robyn said “it was never my goal to break some kind of world record in how many songs I could release in a year. Although I think it would count as a pretty good attempt, it’s been about the process for me.”

After working with Snoop Dog, Diplo and Royksopp on the previous Body Talk records, Pt. 3 finds Robyn shacking up with Teddybears producer Klas í‚Ķhlund and pop heavyweight Max Martin. Check the tracklist below.

Robyn – Body Talk Pt. 3:

01 Dancing on My Own (Radio Version)

02 Fembot

03 Don’t Fucking Tell Me What to Do

04 Indestructible

05 Time Machine

06 Love Kills

07 Hang With Me

08 Call Your Girlfriend

09 None of Dem [ft. Röyksopp]

10 We Dance to the Beat

11 U Should Know Better [ft. Snoop Dogg]

12 Dancehall Queen

13 Get Myself Together

14 In My Eyes

15 Stars 4-Ever