Rising NSW producer Kuren talks us through his new EP Tesseract

NSW producer Kuren has been steadily sliding up the hype scale for a while now. He previously snagged the triple j Unearthed NIMA Award, and has been racking up plays on Soundcloud and Spotify like nothing else. He’s just released an EP, Tesseract, which is filled to the brim with his brand of highly sophisticated production and endlessly grippy hooks. Now he’s given inthemix the inside skinny on the release and walked us through the whole EP, which you can listen to below.

At Night (ft. New Haven)

This song was originally called I Remember and it was written while I was on tour. All of those flights and airport waits can be good for something. My housemate at the time suggested a new upcoming artist New Haven. He sent back one verse and I thought it was so inviting and beautiful. It had to be the opening song for the EP. New Haven killed it.

Home (ft. Ben Alessi)

This record was the lead single off the EP and is my most successful single to date. My manager was overseas and he connected with a couple of people who suggested Ben and I link up. At the time I reached out to Ben this track was called Four Worlds. Ben send back a vocal demo and it was perfect. I did a quick mix then Home was born. Cannot thank everyone enough for the support on this one, it’s been unreal.

Why You So? 

The main idea for this song was actually written about two years ago. Why You So? is a less “lovey dovey” way of saying “why are you so perfect?”. At the time the song was written about a girl I was seeing and over time has turned into the beast it is now. I am most proud of the sound design I used in this one. I feel it sends a great message.

Red Dress (ft. Turquoise Prince LTC)

I have never been so excited for people to hear something. Red Dress was heavily inspired by the classic Hermitude track, The Buzz. After getting LTC on board it took a life of its own. The song was originally called Drunk on You and I never wanted to get vocals on it. I wanted it to be that club track everyone played. But after being in touch with LTC I was itching to see what he could do with it. He worked on it for a couple of weeks not showing me anything and then BOOM! He sent back and I was like, “THIS IS LOOSE!” LTC I think has the potential to be one of the biggest artists in the country.

Gravity (ft. Fueg)

This one was born of an older idea that had me a little stuck. At one point I was actually close to just putting it up on Soundcloud as a free download. But I put it in a pile of ideas for this EP and it just worked. Fueg was  passed on to me by Ben Alessi’s team and I had to have him featuring on this banger. Obviously lyrically and by the name of the song you can tell a lot of influences from the Interstellar movie.  This song is about being so (naturally) high and on a level with someone with that gravity no longer has hold of you and the world is yours.

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