Richie Hawtin’s new Plastikman album arrives next week with a $399 price tag

Minimal techno deity Richie Hawtin hasn’t released an artist LP since 2003, when he dropped the seminal Closer under his Plastikman alias, but in December last year he revealed that the moniker would be making a comeback, with a brand new album inspired by – and recorded at – his performance at New York’s Guggenheim Museum.

“It put me back in the studio and inspired me enough to work on new material, and in five days I created a new album,” Hawtin told Societe Perrier at the time. “You talk about connectivity between art, music and architecture. Music came out of me because of the opportunity to play in this beautiful architectural place that is actually renowned for art, not music. And now there’s a new Plastikman album.”

Resident Advisor has now reported that the new seven-track album, titled EX, will drop digitally next Wednesday June 11 on Mute Records, with vinyl and CD versions arriving on July 18, along with a US$399 “limited edition SubPac bundle,” which is essentially a seat cover like a shiatsu massage chair, but designed with the express purpose of transmitting bass vibrations directly into your back. Wrap your head around that here, and check out the tracklist and preview clip for EX below.

EX tracklist

1. EXposed

2. EXtend

3. EXpand

4. EXtrude

5. EXplore

6. EXpire

7. EXhale