Richie Hawtin has a degree in techno now

Techno innovator Richie Hawtin has many feathers in his cap: minimal techno pioneer; founder of influential labels Plus 8 and M_nus; prolific producer; globe-trotting, festival-headlining DJ; and maker of an award-winning sake collection.

Now, he can add another title to that list of achievements: Richie Hawtin is officially a Doctor of Techno, after being awarded an Honorary Doctorate from the UK’s University of Huddersfield for his “outstanding contribution to the world of music technology,” as Beatport reports.

Best of all, Hawtin’s honorary degree was awarded to him – appropriately – by legendary actor Sir Patrick Stewart, best known as Captain Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generation (Stewart also happens to be the University’s Chancellor). Check out the epic photo above of the techno don receiving his degree from the sci-fi legend.

As Hawtin later posted to Facebook, “often myself and many other young techno producers would try to imagine how the music of the future would sound. Shows like Star Trek: The Next Generation gave us the visual cues and helped our imaginations soar as we worked hard on our first recordings attempting to create the sounds of tomorrow.”

Hawtin also wrote that he plans to work closely with the university and other institutions to expand his educational CNTRL project, touring electronic music experts to colleges and unis around the world for lectures and showcase parties. As Hawtin puts it, when he was starting out there “were no University level programs for Music & Technology available” in his area; he had to blaze that trail himself.

Scroll down to read Hawtin’s full Facebook post; now that he has the ceremonial formalities out of the way, it’s back to club land for Hawtin, whose Thursday night ENTER residency continues at Space Ibiza, in between Northern summer sets across the whole of Europe.

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Posted by Richie Hawtin on Monday, 13 July 2015