Revolver regulars are sharing their trashiest stories on Reddit

Yesterday, the denizens of Melbourne’s club scene flocked to Reddit to read the confessions of a reported “ex-bussy” (a glassy, if you’re not Victorian), who claimed to be dishing all the inside dirt on the city’s most infamous nightspot. Now, Revolver regulars are getting in on the action by sharing their own tales of debauchery on a new Reddit thread.

Poorly-timed vomits, painful tram trips home, idiots on the dancefloor and sexual misadventures all get a look in on the thread, which you can read in all its NSFW glory on Reddit. Even Derexan – the guy who claimed to have been fired from the venue before hosting his AMA – has chimed in. Though the most shocking tale of them all comes from a user called HoolioDee: “I got kicked out of Revs once,” the Melbournite wrote. “I didn’t even know you COULD get kicked out of Revs…” Read some more highlights below.

The game of musical clothes

The ride home

The thumbs up

The vom

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