Revolver issues warning to punters after Melbourne drug overdoses

Chapel Street nightspot Revolver has warned punters of the dangers of synthetic drugs, after one man died and another 20 people were hospitalised over the weekend in Melbourne.

Reports state that a bad batch of MDMA is responsible for the death of a 30-year-old man on Saturday night and the hospitalisation of 20 people who had been partying in the Chapel Street area, where Revolver is located. In a post on their Facebook page last night, Revs asked punters not to risk it with synthetic drugs.

“There are reports of many incidences across Melbourne on Friday and Saturday night involving very dangerous synthetic drugs,” Revolver posted. “These drugs can cause violent reactions, severe hallucinations and may result in death…do not risk your life with these drugs.” Some commenters have suggested that the bad batch of synthetic drugs could have been sold to clubbers as pills.

Drug reform advocate Alex Wodak has blamed the absence of pill testing facilities for the string of overdoses, while activist group Unharm has called on Victorians to email their MP to demand pill testing reform now. “Drugs that should be tested in laboratories are being tested on humans and this is the result,” they said in a statement this morning.

“Like the pollies and police always say, ‘you don’t know what you’re taking’, and that’s because THEY are making it almost impossible to find out.” Read Revolver’s full post below.


Katie Cunningham the Editor of inthemix. She is on Twitter.

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