Reviewed by YouTube: the 20 most-played big-room tracks at ADE

Reviewed by YouTube: the 20 most-played big-room tracks at ADE

The comments under YouTube videos are renowned as both a cesspit and goldmine of anonymous rage, trolling, poorly-spelt lunacy and occasional genius. You’ll find everything from unashamed hype to pure hate and even, occasionally, some insightful commentary.

When Amsterdam Dance Event released its lists of the

#20 Dubvision – Backlash (Martin Garrix Edit)

Roberto Levando: “this is the fucking tune of summer :D”

Chico Fluor: “Darude -Sandstorm.”

Mayank Jain: “WTF is Darude -Sandstorm? i can see it all over youtube comments

#19 Tom Staar & Kryder – Big Momma’s House

ThumpingBeats: “Not one of my fave tracks from Tom. Not alot would top Tom’s and Kryder’s version of AVB’s Ping Pong.”

#18 Martin Garrix & Jay Hardway – Wizard

trolltroll: “Martin Garrix is awesome and all of you haters can go suck a duck. If you want to be usefull go and get jelious at Justin Bieber cause he is the one that sucks balls. Martin Garrix RULZ!!!”

#17 Gregori Klosman & Albyn Myers & Tristan Garner – Pressure

DeShaun Butler: “DAMN SONNN!!! Were did you really find THIS?!”

#16 Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman x Steve Angello – Payback

Ice Man: “This song makes me drunk.”

#15 Merk & Kremont – Amen

Dominique Paul: “FUCK…_‘’’ I think I just spoiled my boxers at 3:34 hahahahah”

#14 John Legend – All Of Me (Tiësto’s Birthday Treatment Mix)

94Littleone: “Can someone explain to me why this…is a thing? I’m hearing this version (or one insanely similar to it) of the song WAY more than the original version on the radio now. Why can’t people be satisfied with the way it is normally? There’s such a need nowadays to make every single song electronic. I’m not trying to hate here; but if we can’t appreciate the song for how it was written originally without adding this to it, then what’s the point of listening to it at all?”

MikeyZeov: “I’m sorry but thats the dumbest question I’ve read in a long time.”

#13 Adagio For Strings

Andrew Wu: “The original is Tiesto’s.”

Zachary Smith: “Let’s end this right now: Adagio for Strings is an orchestrated composition by Samuel Barber, which was first performed in 1938.

“Tiësto released his cover in April 2005.

“This Mark Sixma song is yet another cover.”

#12 Deorro Vs Makj – Ready!

xwinger15: “This song would be way better without the “clap your hands if you’re ready for the bass drop” etc.”

#11 Kid Cudi – Pursuit Of Happiness (Steve Aoki Remix)

Tony Nacho: “Drivin drunk, doin my thing” I got hit and run by a drunk driver last night. Fuck you Kid Cudi”

#10 Calvin Harris – C.U.B.A.

RealProblemShuckers: “How does this get 4 million views of Rihanna is the only girl in the world?”

#9 Hardwell & Joey Dale feat. Luciana – Arcadia (Thomas Newson Remix)

fanni Valencia: “shi shi aawwwhhhh!!!!”

#8 Martin Garrix & Moti – Virus (How About Now)

Dark Fusion: “Error 404 ,Proxy now Virus , what is next Windows?”

#7 Bassjackers & MAKJ – Derp

Nemesis Challenges: “my ears are having an orgasm.”

commenter: “So many douchebags in one video. The boobs are nice, though.”

#6 Martin Garrix And Firebeatz – Helicopter

BBOAR: “I’m imagining myself, in a helicopter, drinking, shooting missiles at Godzilla, Godzilla farting, and the world exploding, with this song playing all the way through. Thank you Garrix and Firebeatz!”

#5 Coldplay – A Sky Full Of Stars (Hardwell Remix)

Djlightlytoasted: “This is a how to. ‘How To: Make the Radio Better’”

#4 KSHMR & DallasK – Burn

Sparten: “on what durgs was this guy that made the video?!? but epic music thow…”

#3 Dimitri Vegas, Martin Garrix & Like Mike – Tremor

szabenedek: “This song copy of Darude – Sandstorm.”

#2 Bastille – Pompeii (Audien Remix)

Kenn Martin: “Finally found the remix of Pompeii from that Vine with the fat guy in the club.”

#1 Calvin Harris – Blame feat. John Newman

Dildo Vaggins: “Nice music but John Newman sounds too much like Daffy Duck.”