Relive all the epic of Big Day Out with this new video

For the first time in over two decades (with the exception of 1998) there’s no Big Day Out this year. Currently on hiatus with an aim to return in 2016, the BDO has been such a huge part of our lives for so many summers now that January feels a little bit lonely without it.

So if your life is seriously lacking in sweaty moshes right now, this amazing video of last year’s festival is sure to transport you right back to the pit. Filmed at BDO 2014 by production team Enamoured Iris, the footage features sets by Arcade Fire, Pearl Jam, Major Lazer and more. It also has just enough slo-mo footage of mosh pits, crowd-surfing and mass sing-a-longs to make you feel very nostalgic for Australia’s biggest festival. Watch below.