Relive all of Hollywood’s best clubbing scenes in this epic mash-up

There exists a place where Ewan Macgregor as Obi Wan Kenobi orders drinks at the bar while his Renton alter-ego from Trainspotting stalks the dancefloor, Tom Cruise shakes cocktails at the bar, Al Pacino smokes cigars, Wesley Snipes looks far too heavily armed to have been let in by security, and John Travolta gives the creep eye to Hayden Christensen.

It’s a place called Hell’s Club, and it’s an exquisitely put-together supercut of nearly every famous nightclub scene from (recent) Hollywood history. As Mashable pointed out, it’s the latest clip put together by YouTube supercut artist Antonio Maria Da Silva, who’s previously put together film mash-ups like Bruce Lee vs Bruce Lee and Terminator vs. Robocop.

Click play below to watch Nicole Kidman bumping, grinding and making eyes with Mike Myers, Robert De Niro and Bill Pullman, before Arnold Schwarzenegger shows up to pull a gun on Tony Montana, and Tony Manero (“Saturday Night Fever”) throws down to Stayin’ Alive. It’s a terribly clever nine-minute clip that, if nothing else, proves that for some reason in Hollywood clubs are always cast in a red hue and feature more gun battles than dance battles.

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