Rejoice, horde: Deadmau5 launches much-anticipated fan hub

This week, Joel Zimmerman is proving to be a mau5 of his word. After railing against the ticket prices set by the venue for his end-of-year stop-off in Montreal, he pulled through with a solution, and now he’s made good on another promise. Welcome to, which launched today as the producer’s ‘fan-centric’ platform.

When first announcing his plans, Zimmerman pitched his vision as “a camp we can all enjoy with no spam. no phony accounts. no bullshit. no annoying kids. no nothing. just unadulterated music and live streams and access to pretty much everything i have on the go.”

With a free account, users can “sign-in, listen to 30-second clips, read all of the latest deadmau5 and Meowingtons news, view photos, and even experience live streams.” Things get really special, though, once you commit to a paid subscription, with tutorials from the man himself and more live streams from events and concerts.

On the MSG BOREDS, “Everyone can enter and lurk, but only ‘suckscribers’ can post,” including occasional cameos from Zimmerman. In short: everything a Deadmau5 fanatic could want.

Zimmerman unplugged from Twitter (mostly) in November, saying it will allow him to focus intently on the studio and ignore all the “stupid shit” that distracts while interacting with fans. “As for the fans, thanks for all your continued support and understanding of my decision to personally unplug myself from the very thing that’s making me upset,” he wrote at the time.

We’re guessing is the horde-uniter he always dreamed of.