We regret to inform you that The Chainsmokers are at it again

Déjà vu: that’s the feeling about to wash over you. Because once again, The Chainsmokers have said a thing. It’s bad. People are angry. They have had to apologise.

Frat boy duo Drew Taggart and Alex Pall have again found themselves at the centre of controversy, after sharing a video where they make an inappropriate joke about China. The pair were in Shanghai to perform at Ultra China over the weekend and during a promo interview, Pall was asked whether he brings his dog on tour with him. He response? “Well, I don’t know if I’d bring her to China.”

The Chainsmokers have since deleted the video from their social media accounts, but Twitter hasn’t let it slide:


Korean pop group BTS, who recently teased an upcoming collaboration with The Chainsmokers, have also faced backlash online for their affiliation with the pair.

Pall has now apologised for the comments. “I made a comment in an interview about being hesitant to bring my dog, Cheddar, to China, because I have read reports about dogs being slaughtered in certain provinces,” Pall wrote on Twitter. “We originally posted a video to share how much we love China and our fans there. We would never intentionally do anything to upset our fans and we apologise if we offended anyone.”

The Chainsmokers sparked outrage last year after an interview with Billboard quoted them making multiple chauvinistic remarks. Revisit their infamous VMAs performance below.