Redfoo is currently getting ripped to shreds by his ex-LMFAO bandmate

They say every great dynasty must eventually fall, and so it is for LMFAO.

In a scathing open letter addressed to his former Party Rock Anthem collaborator Redfoo, SkyBlu – who is the musician’s nephew as well as ex-bandmate – has blasted his uncle, accusing him of hijacking their once chart-topping project.

“Your whole vibe and style since our last show together is completely a half ass version of LMFAO,” he hit out. “My back went out right before a big arena show, you went out and performed but then just left on the tour bus without seeing me…. in fact you didn’t speak to me after that for about a year….Which is around the time you announced our hiatus.”

Skyblu – who now records as 8ky – says that Redfoo maneuvered to cut him out of the project for his own financial gain. As he tells it: “You never once called me to ask me how i was recovering you just kept shuffling everyday without me.”

“I mean your last album is called Party Rock Mansion. the only two LMFAO albums where called Party Rock and Sorry for Party Rocking. Even if we wanted to comeback you severely damaged the brand especially with your last album…You tried to sell happiness, but you’re not a happy person,” 8sky continues. “i just wanted to make music from a real place, not from the 13-25 female demographic or what ever other statistics you and the label obsess over.”

Even before 8sky’s open letter, it hasn’t been a great couple of years for Redfoo: in 2014 LMFAO were sued by Rick Ross for copyright infringement, then his track Literally I Can’t with Lil Jon copped such backlash it was eventually pulled from YouTube. This year Redfoo’s solo album Party Rock Mansion – the one mentioned by 8sky in his open letter – sold just 144 copies in its first place, limping to the 172nd spot on the ARIA Charts.

Read 8sky’s full takedown below.

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