Recloose [Audio]: Timing is everything

The story of Recloose’s big break is oft-repeated – and for good reason. Serving Carl Craig at a Detroit takeaway joint back in 1997, the young Matthew Chicoine boldly slipped a demo into the techno legend’s order. How could you not pay that attention? This chance encounter, which led to Craig signing Recloose to his Planet E label, was the start of something special.

Recloose is now up to his third studio album Perfect Timing, recorded in his adopted hometown of Wellington, New Zealand. While his earlier productions largely fell in the house and techno bracket (albeit with a hefty serve of soul), the man’s new surrounds have rubbed off on his music. Perfect Timing is a collaboration-heavy affair, laced with vintage funk and smooth vocals. In the time between 2005’s Hiatus On The Horizon and this release, Recloose has also groomed his eight-piece live band into a heavy-duty party juggernaut. Here ITM’s Jack Tregoning speaks to the unassuming producer about the art of Perfect Timing.

Recloose’s Perfect Timing is out now on Sonar Kollektiv through Inertia. Recloose plays the Days Like This festival on Sunday 4 January 2009 at the Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park, Sydney.