Readers poll: Have we seen the last of Stereosonic?

Stereosonic is officially cancelled for 2016 – but will it return?

In a statement issued this morning, organisers Totem Onelove said the festival will return “bigger and better” in 2017. However, inthemix readers have their doubts.

In a poll of nearly 2500 readers (conducted primarily before official confirmation on the status of the festival), 38 percent of voters believe that we haven’t seen the last of Stereosonic. That leaves 62 percent of those polled to believe that Stereosonic will not return in 2017.

The announcement that Stereosonic 2016 will not be taking place follows Future Music Festival’s demise last year, which came with the statement from organisers that “Travelling the festival in its current form across Australia simply doesn’t make financial sense anymore.”

Stereosonic co-founder Frank Cotela – whose involvement with Stereosonic ended when it was sold to US company SFX in 2013 – said losing the event would have a devastating impact on Australia’s music industry. “If a festival like Stereosonic goes under, that’s a huge loss for the local industry, you know, all those touring DJs and the staff … On my Facebook feed there’s a lot of promoters saying ‘we’ll come in and take it over’, but it’s not like putting on a club night, it’s a huge scale and a huge investment.”

We’ll bring further updates as they come.