Read all about it; May’s top stories on inthemix

May is, historically, the month when things start to slow-down a little for the club scene. The festival season is over, and as the days get colder people often choose to stay at home and knit jumpers or scarves instead of hitting the clubs on a weekly basis. I’m still waiting for someone to send us an inthemix ‘headphone man’ scarf… maybe one day? Even though things started to quiet down a touch, there was by no means an absence of hot news throughout the month.

Topping the list for May, it was the posterboy of Gen-Y who is living well beyond his 15 minutes of fame; Corey Worthington. Corey managed to top the list of most read stories when his single – a cover of the Beastie Boys classic ‘Fight For Your Right’ – was leaked to inthemix. We haven’t been keeping too close an eye on the ARIA Charts so we can’t say if his entry to the music biz was a success. We have a sneaking suspicion it didn’t convert to sales. Anyone? Bueller?

Next up, our favourite French robots. Although the news that they were back in the studio broke late in the month (on May 28th to be exact), it still managed to rocket to near the top of the list. inthemix was the first media in the world to uncover the news when speaking with their ex-manager Busy P. The story was so big that a gazillion other websites around the globe picked up on it, including Rolling Stone, The Guardian, NME and many more!

Dutch trance heavyweights Tiesto and Armin van Buuren fought it out for the #3 and #4 positions, closely followed by indie-dance impresarios The Presets. Their unholy union with German car giant BMW definitely seemed to turn heads with the inthemix audience. The news that Famous were moving out of Sydney superclub Home also ruffled feathers, while Armin popped up again at #6, followed by the tour dates and tracklisting for Ministry of Sound’s ‘Sessions 5’ release.

Finally, Steve Lawler’s comments on his last tour of Australia as part of the Good Vibrations festival in 2006 got people talking, as did the revelation inthemix50 #1 ranked DJ for the past two years Ajax no longer wanted to be the top dog. Don’t forget voting in this year’s inthemix50 opens at the end of June, only time will tell if you can make his wish a reality!

May 2008 most read stories:

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5. BMW make The Presets an offer they can’t refuse

6. Famous is leaving Home

7. Armin tightlipped on Australian tour

8. ‘Sessions 5’ tour dates and tracklisting announced

9. Steve Lawler’s grim Good Vibrations memories

10. Ajax doesn’t want to be #1

Stay tuned to ITM for updates.