We ranked all 63 Disclosure songs from worst to best

Last week, Guy and Howard Lawrence revealed Disclosure is “taking some time out”. The brothers have been in constant motion for almost seven years, releasing a string of breakout EPs, two blockbuster albums, and multiple club-ready remixes. Away from the studio, Disclosure has toured like crazy, switching it up between DJ sets and arena-filling live shows. To put it mildly, this break is well earned.

You might recall the time we took it upon ourselves to rank every song Flume released before his huge second album Skin. Now, with the Lawrence brothers out of action for the foreseeable future, we wanted to go deep on everything they’ve done so far. So we rolled up our sleeves, put in our headphones, and set about ranking the Disclosure back catalogue from worst to best. (Like Flume, “worst” is a relative term when it comes to producers as accomplished as these guys.)

Our very scientific method: Before we start, here’s how we arrived at 63 tracks. This list includes all the songs from Disclosure’s albums (minus the Settle intro) and EPs, plus their standalone releases and collaborations. It doesn’t, however, include the duo’s V.I.P versions of their own tracks – the originals take precedence in those cases.

If there’s more than one Disclosure remix of someone else’s song (say, a dub, V.I.P, and a regular official remix), we’ve only ranked the official version. We’ve also left off their remixes of Jess Mills, Everything Everything and James Blake, plus the unreleased Hollywood, as they’re not that easy for fans to track down. If we missed anything, please yell it at us in the comments.

#63 Afterthought

The final track on Caracal is totally passable, but totally forgettable. Kind of like…an afterthought.

#62 Flume – Never Be Like You (Disclosure remix)

The sound of Disclosure phoning it in.

#61 Feel Like I Do

Taken from the duo’s 2016 EP Moog For Love, this one floats by breezily with the assistance of an Al Green sample, but that’s about it.

#60 Azari & III – Manic (Disclosure remix)

The Disclosure remix you forgot existed.

#59 London Town

On August 11, 2010, Disclosure posted a simple all-caps message on their Facebook page: ‘NEW SONG – LONDON TOWN’. (The post got 11 likes.) This is Guy and Howard at the very beginning, reimagining Light Of The World’s London Town as a bass track. It showed serious promise, but it’s not one of their slickest.

#58 Get Close

This track didn’t get a proper release, but versions ripped from a Greco-Roman Soundsystem mix now live pretty widely on the internet. It’s decent, too, if somewhat forgettable next to other Disclosure club tracks from that period.

#57 Hotline Bling (Drake cover ft. Sam Smith)

This one makes the list because it was released on the Caracal Live BBC Session EP. It’s as smooth as you’d expect, but it’s still a cover.

#56 Second Chance

At just over two minutes, this Settle cut passes the time just fine.

#55 Molecules


#54 Good Intentions ft. Miguel

Miguel is a real talent, but for all its good intentions, this Caracal collab feels like a missed opportunity.

#53 Crystal Fighters – At Home (Disclosure remix)

While this 2012 effort is an interesting bleeding together of different Disclosure modes, it’s not their finest hour as remixers.

#52 Boss

The opening track from last year’s Moog For Love EP is fun but ultimately uninspired.

#51 Moog For Love ft. Eats Everything

#50 Jack Dixon – Coconuts (Disclosure remix)

There are maybe a few too many competing elements in Disclosure’s 2011 remix for Jack Dixon, but it’s an enjoyable snapshot of their developing style.

#49 Usher – Good Kisser (Disclosure remix)

#48 Masterpiece ft. Jordan Rakei

This one’s nice, but nice isn’t always memorable.

#47 Grab Her!

Is this anyone’s favourite Settle track? Sorry if it is.

#46 Hourglass ft. Lion Babe

Three words: Should be stronger.

#45 January ft. Jamie Woon

If you can’t get James Blake, there’s always Jamie Woon.

#44 Emeli Sandé ft. Naughty Boy – Daddy (Disclosure remix)

#43 Jaded


#42 Echoes

Disclosure called this Howard-sung number the “the most garage-y” track that made it onto Caracal, and it’s pretty fun.

#41 Bang That

Dropped in the lead-up to Caracal, Bang That never claimed to be more than a DJ tool, and it’s bluntly effective in that role.

#40 Moving Mountains ft. Brendan Reilly

Impeccably produced musical theatre, but musical theatre all the same.

#39 Linstigator

This is the sound of Disclosure as kids back in 2010, wearing their influences proudly. It lacks the finesse of later productions, but all the signs were strong.

#38 Pharrell Williams ft. Jay-Z – Frontin’ (Disclosure remix)

 #37 Sam Smith x Nile Rodgers x Disclosure x Jimmy Napes – Together

So many cooks, but still a smooth result.

#36 Apollo

Apollo dropped as a standalone release a few months after Settle, and it’s Disclosure in uninhibited dancefloor mode. There’s no guest star here, just a barrelling bassline, airy vocal samples and crisp percussion. It works fine, and that’s the extent of its aspirations.

#35 Stimulation

#34 What’s In Your Head

Back in 2012, Disclosure’s The Face EP proved they were the real deal. This one’s slightly divisive because of those generic “sexy moaning” effects, but it’s still solid.

#33 I Love…That You Know

Disclosure are undoubtedly becoming far more polished producers as they grow up, but this track from 2011 proves they were never short on ideas. It’s intricate but soulful, hinging on an aching vocal sample.

#32 Q-Tip – Work It Out (Disclosure remix)

This “booty call edit” of A Tribe Called Quest legend Q-Tip shows off Disclosure’s reverence for classic hip-hop.

#31 Janet Jackson ft. Nelly – Call On Me (Disclosure remix)


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