Bloke arrested after writing his name and number on a bag of MDMA

You can never be too careful when it comes to keeping track of your belongings.

Whether you’re attending a major festival or just heading off on a night out, it pays to know where your prized possessions are at all times. But then again, there are some items that probably shouldn’t be labelled with your name and phone number — and a zip-lock bag of MDMA is definitely one of them.

Police officers from Wide Bat and Burnett Tactical Crime Squad Commands were performing routine drug checks outside Maroochydore Music Festival last month when they detained a 21-year-old Dalby man who had returned a positive indication from a drug detection dog.

Upon searching the man, police uncovered a small, zip-lock bag which the man had labelled with his name, contact number, and the exact illegal substance that he was carrying. See below:

QLD police were reportedly quite “surprised” that the man had taken such care to identify his belongings. He’ll now face Maroochydore Magistrates Court later this month in relation to possessing a dangerous drug.

Hot tip, punters: if you don’t want to get hauled in front a judge for drug possession, don’t write your bloody contact details on your baggy.

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