Promoter offers 16-year-old party boy a job

The name Tim Sabre may ring a bell following his sublimely ridiculous attempt to ban the Melbourne shuffle in October last year (check the story HERE). Obviously subscribing to the adage that ‘any publicity is good publicity’, Sabre has once again popped up in the news, with Ninemsn reporting on his offer of a job to 16-year-old Victorian party boy/riot instigator Corey Delaney.

Delaney has dominated headlines this week after holding a party at his parent’s house in the Melbourne suburb of Narre Warren South. 500 teenagers converged on the property, and when police arrived they were pelted with rocks and bottles. The crowd eventually dispersed when a police helicopter arrived. Delaney’s parents were holidaying on the Gold Coast at the time.

Sabre, who heads up Sydney events company Raw Entertainment, told Ninemsn of their intentions to offer him a position promoting an underage event. “We’re prepared to put him in as a party promoter – we’d organise an underage party and have him as the host,” he remarked.

“A promoter who can organise a party for 500 people can make anywhere from $2000 to $10000,” Sabre argued. With police currently weighing up whether to foot Corey and his parents with the $20,000 bill for their involvement in last weekend’s melee, if his first event was a success at least he’d be half way towards paying the bill.

Stay tuned to ITM for updates, or if you’re in need of a laugh check out Corey’s interview on A Current Affair. We’re wondering why he’s called “Corey Worthington”? Seems to be some confusion over the boy’s last name…