Porter Robinson’s ten classic albums

This Thursday, Porter Robinson touches down in the country to kick off his 2013 Australian tour. Hitting clubs coast-to-coast for a string of sold out shows as well as taking the stage at Newcastle’s Fat as Butter festival, Porter’s set for a sleepless couple of weeks. But as any of his half a million Facebook fans could tell you, the production whiz is also hard at work on his debut album. It seemed fitting, then, to ask the young gun for a list of his own classic albums while we countdown to the tour. Thankfully, he was kind enough to oblige us. So grab your headphones, turn the volume up and get stuck in – we’ll let Porter take it from here (and yes, that lower case lettering is intentional.)

daft punk – discovery

absolute fucking bliss. i think i’ll die still calling this the greatest album of all time. i started listing off all of the songs on this record that give me goosebumps until i realized that all of them do that. this album, the greatest homage of disco ever, gave me nostalgia for an era i wasn’t alive for.

kanye west – graduation

another masterpiece. i obviously have an affinity for flipped soul samples. i know it’s at least contentious for me to prefer graduation to late registration and college dropout, and i get why; it’s easy to become caught up in the context in which music is written. but the fact is, for me, ten out of the twelve songs on this record are amongst my all-time favorites. i very much like the songs on this record. it’s super straightforward.

every fucking bemani soundtrack, early-2000s j-rpg, mmorpg soundtrack, anime osts

i’m including these because the soundtracks of basically all the media i consumed during my adolescence has had at least as much bearing on my taste as any album ever has. for years, i more or less listened to this stuff exclusively, and it was the electronic music in game soundtracks like dance dance revolution that got me into electronic music in the first place.

postal service – give up

i was really into the stuff people were calling ‘idm’ as a kid. µ-Ziq, aphex twin, squarepusher, autechre, boards of canada, and all those associated acts. the dntel-produced postal service had all of those sounds, but through a filter of beauty and sentimentality. i’d never heard that idm-y sound-design aesthetic i loved used for such beautifully straightfoward songwriting. so many of those songs still send chills down my spine. the ‘twee’ aspect of it all might make us cringe in retrospect, but to me represents a moment that felt beautiful for everyone who was present for it.

justice – cross

i don’t think there was a more tasteful way to usher in the era of grating, distorted, energetic dance music that followed this record. god. every fucking song on this album is so tasty.

louis ck – chewed up

the best standup special ever. i’ve listened to it like a hundred times. everything about louie is inspiring. the dude embodies artistic integrity. he’s one of my favorite artists of any style and definitely merits a mention here.

gorillaz – demon days

so, so amazing. to me, it’s not just that all of the songs on this record feel classic from the first listen – it’s the world-creating consistency of the visual aesthetic throughout the entire gorillaz career.

sleigh bells – treats

yet another loudness-embracing album. there’s a huge commitment to its own aesthetic, which i admire. i also just fucking love distorted, bleacher-stomping drums. everything about this record feels so big.

ratatat – ratatat

this fucking album came out in 2004 and hasn’t aged a day. same for seventeen years, which relishes in its massiveness, pretty much every song on this record is restrained in the most gorgeous, delicate way. baroque chords, reversed, harmonizing guitars, and sampled drums. rad.

purity ring – shrines

this is another example of amazing commitment to one aesthetic. i’m inspired by acts who have the ability to come up with a set of sounds, emotions, themes, and motifs and be able to explore an album’s worth of songs within those limits. also, these songs are just fucking good.