Porter Robinson talks dubstep

While many ITMers would have been pretty pleased that UK bass innovator Burial today released a new EP, there’s one man who may not be celebrating: Porter Robinson. In an interview with inthemix this morning, the 19 year-old Skrillex-signee confessed that he’s not too fond of the classic conception of ‘dubstep’.

“Personally, I prefer brostep to what they call ‘true dubstep’. In my opinion, true dubstep is thoroughly uninteresting, c-grade production,” Robinson told us. “I mean, of course there are exceptions – Skream and Benga are extremely talented – but I think there’s an enormous amount of pretence in the dubstep community. Because something is deliberate and uninteresting, it makes it superior to the more accessible stuff. I don’t buy that at all.”

While he’s clearly not too fond of early dubstep, the US producer also took issue with the term ‘brostep’. “I think brostep, like a lot of genre terms, started as a derogative label,” he explained, “but people have reclaimed ownership of the word brostep, like they’ve reclaimed ownership of the word ‘queer’. Personally, I think brostep is full-on inaccurate; I don’t think that the bro caricature type, the bro stereotype, is limited to dubstep in the way that popular culture would portray it.”

But Porter’s not denying he’s dabbled in the wubbs before. “I have a couple dubstep songs that are heavy and aggressive, and I don’t mean to knock the genre at all, but I think it became a little worn out. I mean, it’s been done so thoroughly, I think every aspect of hard dubstep has been explored.”

Stay tuned for the full interview – coming soon!