Police are conducting a “major operation” at Splendour in the Grass

If you’re heading to Splendour in the Grass this weekend, be warned – the police are coming too.

A major police operation will be in place at Splendour, local outlet the Northern Star report. “Police will be targeting illegal drug use and supply, underage drinking, alcohol-related violence and anti-social behaviour,” Acting Superintendent Gary Cowan forewarned. “We will take appropriate action against anyone who chooses to commit crime, breach Splendour’s terms and conditions, or behave in an offensive manner.”

That means punters can count on the presence of sniffer dogs. “Anyone planning to bring illegal drugs to the parklands should expect to get caught – in addition to uniformed and plain-clothes police, drug detection dogs will again be patrolling the festival,” Cowan said. Police have also warned that they’ll be on the lookout for fence jumpers.

With police in NSW also aiming to triple the number of roadside drug tests they conduct by 2017, right now you’re more likely than ever to be pulled over on the way to a festival and asked for a saliva sample. The current mobile drug test technology doesn’t determine whether drivers are under the influence of drugs at the time they are actually driving, but rather that they have a trace amount of drugs in their system – meaning a joint you smoked days earlier could return a positive result.

Last year 92 people were arrested on drug related offences at Splendour.