Plump DJs: A work in progress

Since the Plump DJs first exploded onto the scene with A Plump Night Out in 2000, the duo of Lee Rous and Andy Gardner have been firm favourites of breaks lovers worldwide. A Plump Night Out was soon followed by Urban Underground and their second studio album Eargasm. By this stage most fans were left wondering where these two had been all their lives.

Speaking with Lee Rous from his hotel room in Miami, inthemix interviewer Tom Griffin checks in on the duo a decade later to talk breaks, travel and the Plump’s new direction.

So you’re coming back to Australia for New Years. That’s twice you’ve been down here in less than 12 months; you’re a fan of long flights I take it? What have you got in store for us this time round?

Yeah I do actually. Absolutely adore them! Well, we left Finger Lickin’ about a year ago, and more recently left Fabric, which was our long term residency. Throughout the summer we’ve been kicking back on our gigs a little and concentrating on starting our new record label Grand Hotel and signing some acts to that. We’ve also been setting up a new regular show in London. So, working hard with that really.

For the Australian tour, we’ve recently done a triple j mix to support it. We really can’t wait to do Field Day again it’s such a great festival, and we’re also heading up to Perth to celebrate 10 years of Breakfest. So we’re looking forward to another interesting and hopefully sunny tour!

From the looks of your schedule you guys are in The States at the moment. How’s the tour going?

Yeah, we just literally checked into our Miami hotel, so it’s all glitz and glamour at the moment! It’s a bit of a voyage of discovery for us in America. Not having been able to come out for ten or twelve years, there’s quite a solid fan base out here. People getting into everything from our early works to our more recent Grand Hotel stuff. So the crowds are quite varied and it’s an interesting challenge, so it’s great. We’re very lucky.

Your sound has evolved quite a bit, especially over the last four or five years. How was this change of direction decided between the two of you?

We have really been developing this year to try and get a more succinct sound together. When we came out for Good Vibes earlier in the year, I think we were still trying to get our act together, but now we’re pretty much sorted with our musical direction. There’s been no conscious effort to move away from breakbeat or look at any genre specifically.

We’ve always tried to keep an open mind when producing, even from our first A Plump Night Out album, if you listen to our War Galaxy mix, which was almost like a disco house stomp, then listen to Scram next to it which was a techno breakbeat record, we’ve always produced very varied music. With Headthrash, we maybe went a little too all over the shop, but I think we’ve just come back and we’re getting a good sound together at the moment. The two of us are getting a really fresh take on dance music. So I hope you guys give the music an airing when we come out!

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