Picnic: Four years and going strong

This weekend, Picnic is celebrating four years of disco dancing in Sydney with a two-room warehouse party headlined by Horse Meat Disco. There’s plenty to be festive about, as we heard from Picnic ringleader Kali. She also shared some of the surefire dancefloor slayers that have worked their magic over the four years.

After four years of Picnic-ing, what are some of the standout memories?

There are so many! I guess the first party which was a joint show with some other people – Rub N Tug at the Phoenix Bar, before we were even called Picnic then but Vi (I started Picnic with him, we since parted ways) and I had started to do some parties. Such a great vibe on a Thursday and realising straight away that we’d launched a platform to do what we wanted: being in control of the music.

As we went on we learnt you can’t just actively control the music – you have to look at the whole party, the sound through to toilet paper in the loos. On that journey (although not all have I been able to control freak out on) my standout parties or moments have been: working with Sydney Festival on DJ Harvey/DJ Garth and Andrew Weatherall/ Neville Watson shows (waiting at the airport for Andrew Weatherall to arrive was by far one of the most exciting 30 minutes of my life), getting to know Harvey post the Meredith smash-up, working with The Revenge on his Australian tours (he is a sweetheart, and the first warehouse party he did with us on the first tour was off the chain!) Lovefingers warehouse party three Januarys ago was insane, Simon Caldwell at One Night Stand they haven’t invented adjectives for yet. The One Night Stand series in general is my proudest achievement and also where I have the most fun!

Maurice Fulton and Derrick May in one weekend both totally successful was a game changer for me personally. The list goes on. There have been a lot of parties. Not all have been the best in the world but i’m not the only promoter in that situation! I feel so blessed to be able to do this – hopefully there are many more standout memories to come.

Do you find visiting DJs are surprised there’s a good, involved scene here?

Yes, many are. In all honestly, some aren’t though – they are used to big clubs and big crowds, being able to get a certain type of mixer wherever they are (which in Australia isn’t the case, believe me – i’ve tried) or playing to crowds that are educated and up for their sound.

Over the years that I’ve been doing this I have noticed more of a shift though. The ‘good music’ scene in Australia is definitely growing and there are so many great people in different states doing killer shit, that has developed or grown since i’ve been working with them too. Lil old Adelaide has one of the best clubs and open minded booking policy in Australia – Sugar, run by Driller Armstrong. Our hospitality and awesome food and wine also goes down a treat too!

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