Pete Tong struggles with the internet in this vintage Essential Mix footage

The Essential Mix first went to air in 1993, a time before Google, Facebook or, it seems, succinct URL addresses. But don’t take our word for it – to hear just how far back the iconic program’s history stretches, have a listen to this priceless audio footage dug up by the good folk at the BBC last week. As classics moments go, the first time Pete Tong read out the Essential Mix website address on air rates pretty highly.

“We do get a lot of enquiries [about the Essential Mix homepage address]. It’s very complicated, but here it comes,” an apprehensive Tong warns, before painstakingly reciting the show’s lengthy web address, down to the last forward slash. “I know it doesn’t make sense, but if you’ve got a computer and you’re out there on the internet, you will understand what I mean.” Enjoy the trip down memory lane below, or head here to see it if you’re viewing on mobile.

Our little video about Pete Tong ended up on BBC World News last night.

Posted by Essential Mix on Friday, June 12, 2015