People are taking nangs at festivals and Channel 7 is freaking out

Nangs. Whippets. Bulbs. Laughing Gas. It’s the preferred intoxicant of tweens everywhere and, according to a report on 7 News that’s been soundly mocked by internet commenters, nitrous oxide is the latest “frightening” new drug craze at dance parties and music festivals.

For those unfamiliar, nitrous oxide is a dissociative anaesthetic commonly used by dentists and available commercially for use making whipped cream; inhaling the gas gives a short-lived dissociative high (read the Erowid page for more). Its dangers largely stem from people falling over under the influence or damaging their lungs by trying to inhale the compressed gas, but according to 7 News nang users risk “permanent brain damage, or even death”.

“Their eyes roll back into their heads, they’re shaking uncontrollably and can’t speak, and they’re often on the floor,” explains a witness, as the segment is intercut with camera-phone footage of a munted nang head freaking out.

Reporter Jackie Quist discovers that the nefarious nitrous gas has become so popular, cream chargers are “now being sold online”; police are reportedly investigating the sites responsible. (Next on the hit list: kitchen supply outlets, dental surgeries, hospitals and your local corner store.)

Unsurprisingly, the internet masses have been highly amused by 7 News’ ground-breaking report; a top-voted comment on the video’s Facebook post offers the sage insight, “Next on 7. A new drug called MDMA is sweeping the disco scene in Melbourne.” Hit play below to learn about the dangerous new drug scourge killing Australia’s children.

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Dangers of laughing gas party craze

Gas used by dentists is being inhaled at Melbourne parties in a dangerous new craze.Party-goers are risking permanent brain damage, or even death.7 News reporter Jackie Quist has the details, as police launch an investigation of online sites selling the gas.

Posted by 7 News Melbourne on Monday, 17 August 2015

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