Pendulum working on new album with a ‘punk edge’

After a two year gap between 2008’s In Silico and last year’s Immersion LP, Aussie bass troublers Pendulum are seemingly wasting no time with their next full length album, with frontman Rob Swire revealing that the Perth crew have already commenced work on what will be Pendulum’s fourth record.

Speaking to US outlet The Aquarian ahead of some shows over there this month, Swire confirmed that Pendulum are currently recording the new album in an effort to stay active and prolific, hinting that the next Pendulum record will have something of a ‘punk edge’ to go with its electronic aura.

“We’re working on the next album currently,” Swire said. “It’s getting very ‘in the moment’. We’re not trying to spend too much time on things because we’re trying to be less affectionate and bring a sort of punk edge to it. We want to keep it visceral and possibly contrast Immersion with shorter songs.”

While Swire stated that the band were ‘not using’ any of the new recordings on their current tour, he mentioned that Pendulum had some new stuff lined up for the band’s upcoming tours meaning their spot on the Future Music Festival tour should be nice and fresh after the 2010 album shows around the country