Parody website names 2015’s ‘Bottom 100 DJs’

The results of 2015’s DJ Mag 100 poll will be revealed this weekend at the Amsterdam Dance Event, which takes over the Dutch capital until October 18. But if you can’t wait another few days to sledge a publicly voted poll and wring your hands over the state of dance music today, parody website Bottom 100 DJs has you covered.

The tongue-in-cheek poke at DJ Mag’s infamous annual list has revealed the results of their 2015 poll (“the results were chosen entirely by a public vote from July 2015 through October 2015,” the website assures) ranking the world’s most hateable selectors. Much to his dismay, controversy magnet Deadmau5 has lost the top spot in this year’s poll to Frenchman David Guetta, instead walking away with the dubious honour of runner-up.

The dependably unpopular Paris Hilton came in at #3, with Joel Zimmerman’s pet cat also cracking the top ten. Then there’s “DJ Potato” at #17, Game of Thrones hero Hodor at #35 and POTUS Barak Obama at #56. Awkwardly, two of DJ Mag’s biggest contenders for #1 spot in this year’s poll – Hardwell and Martin Garrix – clock in at #7 and #8 respectively on the Bottom 100 DJs list.

And if you’re wondering who’s behind 2015’s most self-aware pisstake? That’d be Swedish pair Dada Life, who owned up to putting the poll together on their website last year (and rank at #9 on this year’s list). “Everybody is hating and making fun of DJ Mag 100 so this was the natural answer to that,” they explain. “But we also really wanted to see who would win this kind of contest…and it was kind of fun.”

See the top 10 names on 2015’s Bottom 100 DJs list below and head to the website for the full thing.

Bottom 100 DJs 2015

1. David Guetta

2. Deadmau5

3. Paris Hilton

4. Vinai

5. Professor Meowingtons

6. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike

7. Hardwell

8. Martin Garrix

9. Dada Life