Our Skrillex/Korn journey ends here

Judging by the reaction to our most recent free download, not everyone thinks the unholy union of Skrillex and Korn is such a great idea. Ain’t that the news-flash of the year? However, for the closet Korn fans and morbidly intrigued types among us, there’s probably one final update worth hearing. Korn’s ‘dubstep’ album The Path Of Totality can be yours to own from 5 December and a tracklist has now been announced.

In addition to Skrillex’s contribution on three album tracks, Noisia appears on three, Downlink is responsible for four and Excision is on two. The next single bears the amazingly Korn-y title of Narcissistic Cannibal, with Skrillex and Kill The Noise featuring. The most-liked comment on the YouTube video reads: “My girlfriend said that korn sucks, now she is single.” Amen, brother.


Bleeding Out

Chaos Lives In Everything

Kill Mercy Within

My Wall

Narcisstic Cannibal


Burn The Obedient


Let’s Go

Get Up!

Way Too Far