One of Sydney’s favourite venues just got a late night license

In a rare piece of good news for Sydney’s nightlife, beloved Regent Street bar Freda’s has just scored a new late night license.

Effective from tonight, May 19, Freda’s will be able to keep the party going until 2am on Fridays and Saturdays — a two hour extension on their previous midnight curfew. The venue’s Sunday closing time has also been pushed back from 10pm to midnight.

“Being closely involved in the music community for almost a decade, I have seen the drastic decline in Sydney’s nightlife – from the envy of the world, to a relative backwater,” said Freda’s proprietor David Abram in a press release.

“We have lost a large part of our soul in this process, but this news gives hope to all those who want a better solution for our nightlife and who believe a night out should only be about relaxing, listening to music, dancing, and engaging with each other in a safe and respectful way.”

You can celebrate the new license with an extended set from The Pitt Street Boys — a new, very serious DJ quartet made up of Kato, Tom Tilley, David Abram and Keep Sydney Open’s Tyson Koh — tonight from 9pm.

Photo credit: Imogen Grist