The official trailer for ‘What Would Diplo Do’ has landed, and it’s wild

Last week, we got our very first glimpse at the upcoming Viceland series What Would Diplo Do, starring James Van Der Beek as the superstar producer. Viceland has now dropped a full length trailer for the show — and it’s about as bonkers as you’d expect.

From putting violins in the blender in pursuit of “new sounds” to running butt naked down a hotel corridor, sword fighting on stage and exploding a confetti cannon in his own face — Van Der Beek wrings every drop of ridiculousness out of DJ culture.

Apart from Van Der Beek, you’ll be able to spot the mugs of dance’s resident funnyman Dillon Francis and Pineapple Express star Bobby Lee. Friday Night Lights star Dora Madison is also on hand as Diplo’s long suffering assistant Karen. Watch the full trailer below.

What Would Diplo Do premieres on August 8 on SBS Viceland.