Octave One: You got to love techno

On Saturday 29 January 2011, Octave One took the stage at Sydney’s Hyde Park Barracks behind a formidable set of machines. A few weeks before, one half of the on-stage team Lawrence Burden had promised inthemix “we’re going to bang and try to make some noise” – and the next couple of hours did just that. With an ecstatic, sold-out crowd locked in the groove, the brothers Burden gave it their all. Now, 11 months later, they’re coming back to do it again.

While the Golden Cage second birthday is Sydney’s second chance in 2011 to shed some sweat with Octave One, smalltown at Brown Alley is their Melbourne debut. The timing’s right, too, with the Burdens set to release the Revisited (Here, There, and Beyond) compilation early next year. Here we find out what the Motor City masterminds have in store for this pre-Christmas techno session.

I like the new Octave One photo we’re using for this feature – do you feel like you’re two halves of the same mind?

Thanks very much. It’s actually the cover art of our 20th anniversary album, Revisited. It was captured by an amazing photographer we had the privilege of working with, Marie Staggat of Tresor in Berlin. She had the real vision here. She’s also a fan of our music and knew what she wanted to see through her lens.

When we saw the final proofs from the photo session, there were these two photos just sitting there, half of each of our faces. For some reason, they seem to just connect together, it was quite amazing really.

It got us reflecting on how our journey up until this point, was more about two people sharing the same basic goal and vision, and working very hard together to stay focused on it. Even though we’re brothers, we are quite different, but as to the commitment of producing and performing our music the very best that we can, our way, we are each a half of one whole.

We’re looking forward to the release of the Revisited (Here, There, and Beyond) compilation in 2012. Can you tell us about the concept behind the collection?

Originally it was just supposed to be a collection of some of our favorite tracks we’ve done throughout the years. As we started gathering things together, we rethought the project, talked about it with a few close friends, and re-envisioned it to be much more than that.

As we have never really had much of our catalogue remixed before, and already did a milestone album called The Collective some years back, we had the idea of this album being more of an collaboration project.

We gathered up some of the great producers we’ve admired (and a few that had ask us in the past to do remixes), asked them to choose which track they wanted to remix, and waited to hear the results. As the mixes started coming in, we knew we were working on something very special. We recorded two reworks of classics we had been performing in our live sets ourselves, Meridian and Dema, to complete the album.

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