Now there’s a petition to move RL Grime’s Field Day set time

Successful petitions have fought corruption, overturned homophobic decisions, seen people released from prison…and changed the set time of a Stereosonic artist, because 1.55pm is “way too early for filth bangers”.

Just a few weeks ago, a disgruntled fan started a petition to push back the Stereosonic Perth set time of wub-king Jauz. His plea attracted 420 supporters, and saw the festival acquiesce to demands and push Jauz’s Perth set time back to the much more wub-friendly time of 8.15pm, between Duke Dumont and DJ Snake.

Now, an RL Grime fan has started a new petition, to get the trap don’s set time at Sydney’s Field Day pushed back from 4.55pm, a time that petitioner Dean Evans says “is basically an insult for an artist of his talent”.

Dean feels that, as one of the best artists on the Field Day line-up, Henry Steinway aka RL Grime should get to close the festival “or at least have a slot after 7pm.” If you agree, you can join the 70-odd supporters who’ve already thrown their weight behind the petition over here. Check out the full set times for NYD bash Field Day below.